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world trade center; Once JITD is. BARILLA 4 less inventory in the DOs holding areas, competitors might take over the space, thereby effectively pushing out Barilla products. In trying to implement JITD among distributors, Giorgio Maggiali met with certain opposition.

The DOs were not keen on the idea of giving up any sort of control, and felt also that delivery orders would become slower. Barilla Case Study Phil Kaminsky [email protected] David Simchi-Levi (JITD) with Barilla‚Äôs distributors.

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Maggiali needs to look at JITD not as a logistics program, but as a company-wide effort; Get top management closely involved. Barilla and JITD Essay Sample.

In Barilla is the largest pasta manufacturer in the world. It manufactures 35% of all pasta sold in Italy, and 22% of all pasta sold in Europe. Barilla markets extensively through advertising and trade promotions for all of its divisions: pasta, bakery, fresh bread, catering, and international.

Barilla jitd program essay
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Barilla Case Study Essay