Essay on island biogeography

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Island Biogeography

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Biogeography as Evidence That Evolution Accounts for Diversity of Life

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A population model is a type of mathematical model that is applied to the study of population dynamics. In this lesson, you will learn about island biogeography, which is the species composition on an island.

Because island habitats are so isolated and unique, the theory of island biogeography. Tikopia is a small high island in the southwestern Pacific is part of the Solomon Islands of Melanesia, but is culturally first Europeans arrived on 22 April as part of the Spanish expedition of Pedro Fernandes de Queirós.

Island Biogeography W hy do many more species of birds occur on the island of New Guinea than on the island of Bali? One answer is that New Guinea has more than fifty times the area of Bali, and numbers of species ordinarily increase with available space.

MacArthur and Wilson (, ) first published theory of island biogeography. This theory holds that number of species on an island is determined by equilibrium between immigration of new species and extinction of those species already present.

As rates of immigration and extinction depend on size of islands and their distance from mainland.

Essay on island biogeography
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