Virtual microscopy essay

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Virtual microscopy

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Plant cell and animal cell Essay

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Department of Biological Sciences

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Direct and indirect staining

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The virtual microscope (VM) system has been shown to be an effective and efficient questions and the short essay category (p>); however, there were notable differences in the mean score rate of case analysis questions and identification of structure of. The virtual microscope is a little more complicated than the microscope used in the lab, but with patience, you should be able to complete this activity.

Access the Virtual Microscope at Virtual Microscope - Click on the link that says "the virtual scope". Microscopy Use and Function Essay Words | 4 Pages. Microscopy Use and Function Hands-On Labs, Inc. Version Exercise 1: Identifying Parts of a Compound Light Microscope Question A.

Study and label the microscope parts in Figure 3. In the Spirogyra cells observed on the virtual microscope, about how many circular green chloroplasts were seen in a single cell at 40X magnification? (2 points) 6. The questions below refer to the images on the ‘Image Magnification and Scale Bars’ page of the Virtual Microscopy Lab.


The Virtual Microscope

Samples of three types of organisms (A, B, and C) were collected from a pond.

Virtual microscopy essay
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